Javani Kisten

Javani Kisten

Investment Risk and Compliance Analyst


I began my Waldorf journey much later than my peers, after being at a school thatwas run like a military base. I’d therefore spent most of my schooling career being just a number, in a uniform and confined to societal norms.

Needless to say, the teachers and the teachings at Roseway Waldorf were acomplete 180 from what I was used to. In a short space of time, I flourished into aresilient adolescent who never gave up, never defined herself according to societalnorms and thought outside the box with a holistic approach to life. I am now awell-rounded adult who still holds these qualities, thanks to my Waldorf education.It’s been 7 years since I matriculated, I have completed my BComm – FinancialManagement degree with distinction and I am now living my best life in CapeTown as an Investment Risk and Compliance Analyst for a successful investmentmanagement firm.

“I will always hold the teachings from Roseway Waldorf close to my heart as I continue to learn and grow in both a personal and professional capacity”.