Roseway School Choir

Roseway School Choir

The school choir delivered an outstanding performance at the highly anticipated Music Under The Stars event, hosted by Westville Senior Primary. The evening, graced with clear skies and twinkling stars, provided the perfect setting for a night of captivating music and community celebration.

The choir, consisting of students from various grade levels, took to the stage with enthusiasm and poise. Their repertoire included a mix of contemporary hits, classical pieces, and traditional folk songs, each performed with precision and heartfelt emotion. The audience was visibly moved, offering enthusiastic applause and cheers after each number.

"Their dedication to rehearsals and their passion for music truly came through in their performance tonight. It was a magical evening for everyone involved."

The success of the choir's performance is largely due to the tireless efforts of their Music teacher, Miss Cassie Moore. Miss Moore, who has been teaching music in the school, has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to nurturing her students' musical 

abilities. She spent countless hours arranging music, conducting rehearsals, and ensuring that each choir member was prepared for the big night.

"Seeing the students perform so beautifully was incredibly rewarding," said Miss Moore. "They've worked so hard, and tonight was a testament to their talent and dedication. I'm so proud of each and every one of them."

Parents and community members in attendance were equally impressed. "The choir's performance was fantastic," said one parent. "You could see the joy and pride on the kids' faces. It was a wonderful event for the entire community."

The Music Under The Stars event, an annual tradition at Westville Senior Primary, aims to celebrate local talent and bring the community together through the power of music. This year's event was no exception, featuring not only the school choir but also performances from other local musicians and artists. The night concluded with a rousing sing-along, where audience members joined the choir for a few popular tunes, creating a sense of unity and shared joy.

The school extends its heartfelt gratitude to Westville Senior Primary for hosting the event and providing a platform for young musicians to shine. The evening was a beautiful reminder of the importance of the arts in education and community life.

Looking ahead, the school choir is already preparing for their next performance, eager to continue sharing their love of music with others. For more updates on future performances and events, stay tuned to our school’s social media channels.