Sasha Cox

Sasha Cox

Automotive Technician


Waldorf was something very special now that I look back on it. At the time, you don’t actually realize the impact it has on your life as you go forward into the world. I feel that the mindset I gained from Waldorf has helped me to get to where I am today.

A few weeks after finishing my final Matric exam, I left to go to Australia on my own. I have a passion for music production and was accepted to study a diploma of Music Production at Tafe Queensland in Brisbane. During my studies I was offered work at one of Brisbane’s biggest Night Club “The Met” as an audio and lighting technician, which I’m still causally working at on weekends. I completed my diploma end of 2020.

After realising I loved the country so much, I decided to immigrate to Australia via a permanent residency pathway which I’m still currently doing. I have had to study a skill which is in demand. There a few options, but the field I was most interested in was automotive mechanics. I found an institution where I could study the certifications I needed for my working visa which was a 2 year program. I completed a Cert 3 in Light vehicle automotive mechanics in 2021 and a Cert 4 in automotive mechanical diagnosis end of 2022.

Once I became a qualified automotive mechanic I found work at a Dealership which i started working for beginning of this year (2023). Since I started working for them, in the service and repair department, they have invested so much in me which I have been so grateful for. They have placed me on the automotive brand “IsuzuUte”. I’m currently on their training program, where I go to Isuzu’s HQ every couple of weeks while I work full time at the dealership. Soon I will be a Master technician on Isuzu Ute!

It’s been an interesting journey here, immigrating to Australia and having to tick all the boxes for the immigration department. Despite all of that, it has allowed me to be where I am as an a Automotive Technician, Isuzu Ute Silver technician and a Music Producer/ Audio Technician. I should be a permanent Resident of Australia in 2025.

“The mindset I gained from Waldorf has helped me get to where I am today“.