Organisational Structure

The Roseway Waldorf School is run according to the educational principles outlined by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Though an independent school, it is a member of the Federation of Waldorf Schools in South Africa.

The Roseway Waldorf School Association

The Roseway Waldorf School Association is the legal body of the School. Its members comprise of parents, friends and staff of the Waldorf School. Membership ensures your right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for all legal and financial matters concerning the school and for the overall control of the Roseway Waldorf School Association.

The College of Teachers

The College of Teachers administer the school and is responsible for all matters relating to educational policy, staffing, procedures and general policies and organization of school activities. The Chairperson is elected for a period of time, but decisions are reached by consensus.

The Body of Teachers

The Body of Teachers consists of all class teachers, specialist teachers, and part-time teachers, who meet regularly once a week to discuss matters relating to school activities.

The Mandate System

The Mandate System comprises of several core groups focused on specific areas. These are coordinated by the College. The mandate that deals with everyday issues and acts as a filter for the College is the Management Mandate.


The Management Mandatecomprises of several core groups focused on specific areas. These are co-ordinated by the Management Mandate that works with the College and the Board of Directors.

Any queries / concerns or issues can be addressed to the Management Mandate. Parents wishing to correspond with the school on general issues or a specific issue that requires the school’s response, are asked to address such correspondence to the Convenor Management Mandate. The Mandate will forward correspondence to the relevant body.

Parents Association

We have a Parents Association. An executive committee of the Parents’ Association have formed to coordinate and direct the efforts of parents in their support of various projects and initiatives of the school. The Parents’ Association also incorporates fund-raising efforts to bring some of these initiatives into being. They meet once a month in term time to review and plan.

Class Representatives

Class representatives assist with organising class lunches, liaising with the class teacher for lifts for outings and camps, organising duties at markets and working with the Parents Association.

Class representatives will be confirmed at the first Parents’ Meeting of the year.