The Waldorf Curriculum

The Roseway Waldorf curriculum is unique in both its breadth and depth. It is built on the logical development of the child, with subjects being introduced to seven-year-olds, and becoming increasingly complex as they are reintroduced in subsequent years. Consequently, our pupils achieve a thorough knowledge and understanding of the world.

The entire 12 years of school are considered a unit and all pupils take all subjects offered. The National Senior Certificate curriculum of the Department of Education is done in the 13th year.

The curriculum is designed with the growing child in mind.

Year by year, following the developmental stages of childhood, the curriculum mirrors the inner development of the child, making the educational experience both relevant and satisfying. Out of a matrix of purposeful activity and earnest emotional involvement, clear thinking crystallizes in the teenager.

Class teachers give way to specialist teachers who lead the students through a rich and varied array of main lesson studies ranging from thermodynamics to Shakespeare; from trigonometry to the history of the modern world.

Writing, independent thinking, and work habits are emphasized. The main lesson books are filled with essays and scientific observations which become increasingly sophisticated. Central to High School work is the experience and practice in the visual and musical arts and a variety of craft lessons ideally suited to the young adults’ stage of development. The performing arts are an integral part of the curriculum, thus providing our teenagers with opportunities for creative expression, self-discipline, and demanding activity.

While the teaching approach can and does respond to individual needs, the curriculum content is aimed at peer groups.