Play Group

Playgroup begins with children up to 4 years.

Playgroup allows the children to be free and grow, all the while learning valuable skills through the great teacher that is play. In their third year of life, a child begins to say “I” and we see a marked change in their play. The wonderful force of imagination touches the child with its creative magic. This imaginative play allows the child to change a simple block of wood from one thing to another as mood and fancy take them.

We have a particular interest in establishing a family-orientated group that is well able to play and discover.

The child imitates all the movements, sounds, and activities in her/his environment and makes them her/his own by way of imaginative play. It is this vital component in the developing child that is protected, nurtured, encouraged and stimulated by the activities and routine of “Little Rosebuds”.

Under the supervision of the trained teachers, the children can enjoy activities like baking, handcrafts, drawing, gardening, picnics and walks in the country surroundings of our school. Free imaginative play remains at the center of every day. Children may attend either three or five days a week, during school terms.