High School

After Matriculation

Roseway Waldorf students head out into the world in much the same way as matriculants from any independent school would. Most of them pursue university or tertiary education of some kind. More than eighty percent of our students go on to tertiary studies. Roseway past pupils undertake studies in a range of fields. Our students complete undergraduate degrees, honours, and masters in the Sciences and Technologies, Commerce, the Humanities, and the Arts. We are also truly proud to have had two Mandela-Rhodes Scholars within our first six years of Matric at the school.

Of course, like many young people, a number of our school leavers find it useful to take a gap year. Some of our matriculants feel ready to dive right into the world of full-time or part-time employment.

What all Roseway Waldorf graduates have in common is success. They tackle life with courage. They face new challenges undaunted, armed with the certainty that they are prepared for what the future sends their way; ready to grasp new opportunities the moment they recognise them.