We believe in creative play with freedom of expression.

Our school is deeply founded in the Waldorf ethos, implementing the Waldorf curriculum in our local KZN setting, keeping to the principles while constantly exploring new ways to embrace new ideas, new skills, new technologies aligned to our positioning.

Characterised by the deeply caring relationships that our skilled teachers have with the children in their care, seeing the children and understanding them, sharing insights with their families on the individual developments in each child, where children are free to grow into their unique strengths, within boundaries that are based on Waldorf-inspired principles, both in school and outside of school.

We encourage movement, healthy minds and good nutrition, creating balance, peace and joy, that inspires celebration, play, creativity, community, critical thinking at the pace of the child.

Child Centered

The curriculum is designed with the growing child in mind, encouraging free thinkers.

Teacher Guided

Teachers lead the students through a rich and varied array of main lesson studies.

Parent Supported

Bridging the gap between home and school, our parents support the child and the teachers.

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It's not something we do, but something that forms a part of who we are.


Alumni Achievements

Our alumni are achieving amazing things around the world.


Our History

Our School was founded in 1985 by a group of six families and three teachers.


Teacher Training

A 3-year course for teachers, prospective teachers, parents and individuals.


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